How to build your own E-Commerce business using Shopify

online casino affiliate networks онлайн казино hiwager What is a E-Commerce business?

gold deluxe ltd online casino dealer E-Commerce are transactions conducted electronically on the interent. Many people think starting an online store could be amazing considering you could make money or even a living straight from your home. Even though the idea seems like something everyone should do, most never take the initiative to learn how it could be done.  Here is how you could set up and start running your own business using the Shopify today.

online casino dealer forum jack casino online slots What you’ll need

  • Will to try, learn & research
  • Remove the fear of failure
  • A computer with internet
  • Pick a product to sell or sell for people (“DropShipping” we’ll get to that later)
  • A domaine name for your store
  • A shopify account
  • Buisness email

online casino live casino online casino in singapore Step 1: Product selection

admiral casino online free game Picking a product or niche to base your E-commerce store off of.  Take high quality pictures and write a good description for each product you are going to list.

casino with slots in seattle slot casinos in northern california DropShipping-

free slot casino games online for fun Dropshipping is finding a niche to base your E-commerce store off of but the product you are selling would be for whole sale suppliers. You would be creating a platform to sell thier products while getting a percentage of the sale. With dropshipping you do not handle, ship or see the product. The wholesale distributer will package and ship all products sold for you.  To pick a product to sell with dropshipping go to and sign up for:


Oberlo . Com

choose a product (perferably with the shipping method E-packet for free shipping)

sign up and download the orbelo Extension web extension to add items from ali express to your Shopify store easily. Use the oberlo extension to add your product to the oberlo import list.

online casino welches ist seriös forum Step 2: Sign up for shopify

Sign up for shopify (2 week free trial!)

online casino roulette Step 3:Buy a domain

Pick and buy a domain name for your store.

for cheap domain names go to

rizk online casino bewertung Step 4: Connect Domain name 

Connect your domaine name to your shopify store by signing into shopify , clicking ‘Online Store’ on the side bar, clicking ‘Domains’, then ‘Connect existing domain’ , ENTER your domain name, then click ‘add domain’. Click ‘Connect automatically’  which should take you back to goDaddy, click add domain and now you should have your own domain name connected to your store.

go back to domains setting and change your primary domain and redirect all traffic to the domain you choose.

new online casinos 2018 king casino bonus Step 5: Edit payment/Business/checkout settings

edit your settings for payments and check out

Go to settings, general, > Enter store name, Account email (where shopify can contact you) & customer email ( where customers will email you)

fill out addresses and any information about your business.

Go back to the settings menu > Payments, set up the payment methods you’d like to have on your store for customer purchases.

Fill out busines address and bank details /personal details/product details(If you choose epacket for your dropshipping shipping will take 10-21 days)

go to shipping settings> choose country’s you’d like to ship to and choose a shipping rate( dropshippers make sure your supplier will ship to that country)

go to notifications > edit any confirmation emails that your customers will get after purchase.

best slots at casino arizona Step 6: Build your store

go to online store > themes> choose a theme for your store, add Pages for your store (FAQ’s, shipping and delivery info, policies , terms of service, about, contact us) and use the navigation settings to add the pages to your stores navigation. Here you can choose what pages have what and where your customers can click to get to these pages.

real money online casino oregon Step 7: Add products to your store

go to products settings > upload new products, add description & good quality picture.

(dropshippers – install oberlo app by going to app settings and searching and installing the app. go back to ali express, add products to oberlo inventory with the web extension. edit details like price, description and picture in oberlo app and import products to store.)

online casino per telefon bezahlen Step 8: Take charge

You now have your store set up, learn how to market, learn ad placements with facebook business manager, build your social media influence, LEARN LEARN & LEARN so more. How well your store does depends on how much effort you want to put in. Sales might not come right off the bat, but research what you could be doing or how to reach a larger audience. Lastly, DONT GIVE UP!! This step is the most important!

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