Print-On-Demand Guide

Print on demand is one of the newest forms of online business models. Use your very own custom designed images, logos, or fonts to add to products available on your Shopify store (mugs, towels, shirts, and so forth). When a customer purchases one of your products, your print on demand service (such a printful) will print your design on the item and then ships it to your customer.

Unlike other dropshipping models which uses suppliers that can sometimes be unreliable( like aliexpress wholesalers)  you have more control over the product. This helps ensure quality that will help you establish the brand you want to build.

How To Pick The Right Printing Service

  • Quality – You want to make sure your products last long, are safe to wash if it requires and can give your customer a product that will represent your brand
  • Shipping – Look for white label shipping which basically means they will create the purchased item but ship it with branding to make it seem it was made from a different company
  • Pricing and Shipping costs – The best printing services will be straighforward with the cost of thier service and give you detailed shipping rates 
  • Processing – Look for reviews to see how fast they process the order. You dont want your customer waiting weeks to recesive a t-shirt that is made in a few minutes
  • Payments – Do not go with services that ask for payments on products BEFORE a customer has purchased it. You should pay for the product to be made only once their is an order to be fulfiled. 
  • No minimum – Ship orders as they come in. If you only sell one item they should be ready to print and ship that one item

One of the advantages of an on- demand printing service is that it allows you to make excellent use of your designs and creative abilities.

Best Rated Products To Sell

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Mugs
  • Bags
  • Phone Casings
  • Towels
  • Stickers & Wall Decals

Popular POD Companies To Work With

  1. Heat Press fun 
  2. Merchify
  3. Printful
  4. Society6
  5. Gooten
  6. Zazzle
  7. RedBubble
  8. Design By Humans 

You can find a printing service that specializes in a specific product or a service that offfers multiple products to choose from. 

Beginners Advice

You need to be able to provide quality designs that will make your brand original and of course, make sells. 

You dont need to have years of graphic designing under your belt, but you should work with someone who can help you achieve the level of quality you want to promote to your customers. 

fiverr is a good place to find freelance artists

More products isn’t always good. Take your time to provide a quality product instead of spending your time trying to publish 50 mediocore products on your site that are less likely to generate sales

Learn how to market and take advantage of social media for free promoting 


&& lastly

Be original…and stand behind your brand. If you arent proud of your brand you wont be able to provide your customers with products that will make them want to spend thier money iwith you. 


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